Dog Daycare


Non traditional Daycare at Country Comfort Inn

It's a fun time for dogs of all ages, sizes and personalities! Let your dog enjoy a fun filled day with us!  Daycare is offered 7 days a week!! Your first step to enrolling your dog is to give us a call, stop in, or schedule a meet and greet.  716-652-3353. 

Country Comfort Inn has always taken a non traditional approach to our Daycare program. We consider each pet's personality, play style, and find the most compatible playmates. Our play groups are no more than 8-10 dogs (usually less) to maintain a structured and fun experience for our guests. Smaller playgroups allows for a non stressful day for your pet and our staff! Country walks or exploring, and snuggling are available for those who just want human companionship, and aren't as sociable with other canine guests. There is something to offer everyone!! 

Vaccination requirements:

Adult Dogs: DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella

Puppies go through a series of DHPP, and we will require to see updates as your pup is updated. Rabies by 6 months or by the recommendation of your veterinarian, and Bordatella is also required to start daycare.

**All dogs entering our building must have the Bordatella vaccine at least 2 weeks PRIOR to visiting us**

Price List

pricing,fees, policies subject to change without notice